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April 11, 2008
Context Discovery Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with M-Urge to Sell Context Organizer
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Context Organizer instantly summarizes web pages, e-mails, office documents and automatically generates Mindjet MindManager maps. At a click of a button the user gets the essential summary. Context Organizer is ideal for business users, researchers, web surfers, students, writers, journalists, bloggers, people who need to find the most important information quickly. Context Organizer greatly reduces information overload, saves time and significantly increases productivity by instantly pinpointing relevant information when browsing and searching. Context Organizer is integrated with Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft SharePoint and Mindjet MindManager.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 11, 2008 -- Context Discovery Inc., a knowledge management company specializing in Internet and desktop document summarization products, is proud to announce strategic partnership with M-Urge to sell Context Organizer family of products.

Context Organizer enables users to instantly find the most significant content on web pages, Outlook e-mails, Google search results and in office documents. Context Organizer version for MindManager automatically generates Mindjet MindManager maps. With seamless integration into Microsoft Office applications the product helps to reduce information overload by helping users find critical information quickly when browsing or searching. Users can easily drill down on important keywords to quickly focus on the most relevant information.

Henry Lewkowicz, Context Discovery's CEO says: "It's all about context and focus. One of our main objectives is to pierce through the data on the Internet and instantly zoom on the core information. When information is presented in context it becomes relevant and we don't suffer from information overload. M-Urge specializes in distribution of knowledge management products and is a recognized leader within the UK in providing tools and solutions for businesses and educational organizations. Context Discovery and M-Urge are exceptionally well suited to offer their customers effective productivity tools that reduce information overload."

M-Urge is a recognized leader in delivering visualization solutions to businesses and educational organizations with a specialty in distribution of knowledge management products. Andrew Barton, M-Urge's Managing Director says: "At M-Urge we truly believe in unlocking human potential, by empowering people with software tools designed to fit how humans work and think. All the solutions we provide achieve exactly this, which is why Context Organizer, with its integration with Microsoft Office applications and Mindjet MindManager, fits perfectly within our product offering."

About Context Discovery Inc.
Context Discovery Inc., a knowledge management company, develops products to empower information workers, researchers, writers, students, managers, journalists, scientists, engineers, bloggers, and their organizations to gain access to critical facts more quickly and efficiently by providing the essential summaries and keywords in context. Users can dramatically improve their ability to find critical information and collaborate. Context Discovery products are integrated with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Office including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint and Mindjet MindManager.

About M-Urge
M-Urge offers brand building and promotion in the UK markets for new software developers to help promote and build brand awareness for products which unlock and support the human potential through the use of technology. For more information, please visit

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