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Context Discovery Inc. designs and develops advanced software products to assist knowledge workers with instant access to crucial information. The Context Discovery suite of products helps individuals and organizations with knowledge discovery and search.

Context Organizer products help to find essential facts and identify the relevant information hidden in documents. They add insights and intelligence at every step of the business decision-making process. We make it fast, accurate, and insightful.


Our mission is simple: no matter what you are reading, we will provide you an instant view of the key content, in the context of your interests - what matters most to you.

What makes our software useful?

Regardless of what you are doing, there are never-ending stacks of material you wish to read, but just don't have enough time. Context Organizer gets to work right away to instantly find the key topics and highlights in web pages, documents, and e-mails. You gain a head start on your backlog of reading material. Context Organizer pinpoints key topics and provides context-aware summaries, so at a glance you know what is important and what you can skip.

Context Discovery products are ideal companions for such applications as search engines, content management, knowledge management, information retrieval, digital libraries, education, distance learning, customer relationship management, customer care, email, and text mining.
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