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Context Organizer Products – Overview
Context Organizer
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Context Organizer
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Context Organizer
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BlinkInfo for Websites
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Context Organizer - Personal Editions Benefits
  Web Office MM
Web Edition
Summarize Text in context Yes Yes Yes Save time - view just what you need to know.
Flexible User Interface Yes Yes Yes Easily navigate and adjust the view.
Summarize from the Web Yes Yes Yes Learn Faster as you surf the web.
Web Search in Context Yes Yes Yes Find faster by summarizing web search results.
Send summaries via e-mail Yes Yes Yes Colleagues appreciate focused findings.
Notetaking with WordPad Yes - - Easily create, remember, & re-use favourite notes.
Microsoft Office Edition
Summarize from Office - Yes Yes Accelerate work with Microsoft Office documents.
Notetaking with Word - Yes Yes Easily create, remember, & re-use favorite notes.
Mindjet MindManager Edition
Create MindMap of summary - - Yes Instant visualization of summaries in context.
Legend: MM = Mindjet MindManager Office = Microsoft Office
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Context Organizer - Corporate Editions Benefits
Context Organizer for SharePoint
Summarize from Sharepoint server   Simplify collaboration - Summarize shared documents
Summarize Office Documents from Sharepoint Accelerate your Business Collaboration
Summarize e-mail from Sharepoint Make bettter decisions faster
Summarize web pages from Sharepoint Present business critical information up front
BlinkInfo for Websites
Instant Short Summary of any hyperlink   Understand iformation at-a-glance without opening pages
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