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Context Organizer features and benefits:
  • Instantly extracts intelligent summaries from documents
  • Previews documents so you can determine relevance without reading the entire text
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to download, open and read entire documents or navigate to other Web pages
  • Summarizes Google and MSN search results
  • Personalizes summaries so you see the key sentences that apply to your interests
  • Helps you review search information faster
Looking over search engines results demands hours of valuable time spent hunting for relevant information.

Context Organizer filtering and summarizing helps users quickly locate the essential information they need on the Web, corporate intranets, online document repositories and local hard drives. This is achieved by generating highly effective summaries that allow users to evaluate documents or pages without spending the time to retrieve them in their entirety.

Context Organizer extracts the essential keywords and sentences from documents using advanced statistical and linguistic algorithms. The summaries are generated in a fraction of a second, providing a highly efficient means for users to preview and assess text information.

Context Organizer users can efficiently determine the relevance of documents by reviewing the summaries rather than scanning the documents visually. Instead of having to read through every document, users of Context Organizer are presented with clear summaries extracted verbatim from the original document.

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What makes an effective summary?

An effective summary is highly readable. It provides a way to gain quick understanding.

Summarizing is important for strategic readers because it helps rapidly grasp the meaning of text. Providing accurate and concise presentation of the original text's most important points is at the heart of helpful summaries.
The extracted keywords serve as a powerful checklist guiding your eyes from one relevant point to another relevant point. In effect the long original text is reduced without missing the main points and without distorting the meaning and intentions of the original version. The ability to identify the key topics and sentences is Context Organizer's most essential capability.

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Short Summary

Context Organizer instantly headlines the most important sentences and keywords. At a glance, without reading further, you will immediately see the key information.

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Web Search Accelerator

Context Organizer finds relevant results faster by helping you evaluate search results and then refine your search. When you launch a search Context Organizer summarizes the results on the fly. Then you can skim through the key points of the top results to immediately discover what’s important. Context Organizer leads you to the next step - search refinement. Use newly discovered keywords, and add them to the search words to easily narrow your search. The result: with Context Organizer you substantially reduce the time to discover valuable knowledge.

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Pinpoint Information

Context Organizer not only facilitates skimming text for highlights, it also provides the flexibility to pinpoint summary text based on topics of interest. Keywords and Summary Sentences are presented side-by-side. Scan the keyword list on the left, select a few of interest and only the related summaries are shown on the right. The result: with Context Organizer you have the flexibility to go inside a document and focus on the text of most interest to you.

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Rapid Notetaking

Context Organizer gives you a head start on notetaking by discovering keywords and key sentences. Then you can apply filters and find the passages and keywords of most interest. Check off your favorite keywords and sentences as you go - to collect them as notes. Next you have the flexibility to save a tab of notes, a collection of tabs, send the notes to Word (with the Office edition) or WordPad (with the Web edition), or e-mail them to a colleague.

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