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"As an information management consultant, I train and motivate clients to become proficient information managers using the tools and techniques of Visual mapping. I’m often exposed to software products that impress, amaze and quite simply astonish. Context Organizer is one of those software products that quite simply astonishes."

- Wallace Tait, co-founder & consultant, Visualmapper

"I need to stay on top of a broad range of trade publications, research, web sites, and blogs. Context Organizer is invaluable, providing me relevant information at the click of a button."

- Alec Saunders, CEO, Iotum, Ottawa

"By reading the highlights and looking at the key subjects, Context Organizer eliminates irrelevant information from my view and I've been able to reduce the time it takes for me to find what I need to read."
Context Organizer discovers and extracts key concepts, not just words. It gives me an instant understanding of the main ideas in the document.

- Gregory Berliner, Denmark

"I was surprised at how Context Organizer improved my ability to rapidly understand documents and increased the accuracy of my searches ...
Context Organizer is a real deal: just press the button and your document is summarized. I can quickly browse through documents and cherry pick the best highlights and subjects for my writing and research ... "

- Jerry Grosman, project officer, National Danish Consumer Agency

“Reading 60 to 70 hours per week is not a good way to manage information. Context Organizer instantly guides me to information I need. For me, the power of the product is that I’m immediately presented with the key information…and all of this is done directly from my Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office applications.”

- M-Ventures

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