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As a blogger you want to put to press what comes to mind in a free-wheeling authentic style. At the same time you want to either link to some references that back-up what you're saying or research your blog topics. Spending too much time online - researching and aggregating information?

Use Context Organizer to quickly pinpoint relevant information to discuss in your blog.


As an editor you want to keep up-to-date as you review the latest trends and technology in your field. You provide a valuable service of comparing and correcting high quality material submitted for your comments.

Use Context Organizer to instantly collect critical notes regarding your editorial subject matter.


As an engineer you are responsible for several projects and a multitude of detail in each project. As a professional you must keep up-to-date by staying informed about the latest developments in your field. You provide technical advice and technical review. You receive and generate dozens of proposals and must keep current with an overload of project related e-mails.

Use Context Organizer to provide technical briefings- research and collect key facts you can put to use in your engineering practice.


As a business executive competitive intelligence is foremost on your mind. Not satisfied to be second best, you thrive on gaining actionable knowledge to advance your business. You require relevant information so you can make the right decisions. You need to scope problems to reduce risk. You are fighting information overload, yet wary of blind spots - you can't afford to miss critical facts.

Use Context Organizer to bring attention to what you need to know most. Relevant facts are quickly discovered and filtered for quick understanding - automatic executive briefings.


As a journalist you write about current affairs and popular topics. To get your job done you must invest a significant amount of time researching these topics. You work under strict publication deadlines - it's critical that you quickly scan news of the day and related articles to stay current and informed.

Use Context Organizer to quickly preview web search results and web pages. Get a jump start to pinpoint key facts that add credence and insight to your writing.


As a marketer you must read and write a large quantity of marketing copy. You must present information packed text up-front to gain your readers' interest. Your text must be concise so you don't slow down your readers. You publish your material knowing your readers will skim it.

Context Organizer discovers keywords and key sentences - a great source of short, easy-to-read, high impact topics and facts to present to catch your readers' attention..

Policy Makers

As a policy maker accurate, current, relevant information is critical to your job - you are responsible for retrieval and communication of policy information. Professionally, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field. Knowing that "The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook"(1) you concentrate on what you need to know.

Context Organizer saves time by delivering summaries - you avoid unnecessarily reading full text. Context Organizer provides filtering - both for search and summaries - you easily focus on what you need to know, and skip irrelevant material.


As a researcher you need to rapidly pinpoint online information pertaining to your field of study and easily collect extracts and bibliographic references. You must be agile - search across your general subject area, analyze and organize by topic, switch to critical evaluation of potentially relevant material, pinpoint specific extracts that support your research, and launch a brainstorming session when needed.

Context Organizer is a valuable research tool. It integrates search, browsing, and notetaking - all in context of your research topics. Use the Web Edition for accelerating online research - orient searches with your favorite keywords and screen out irrelevant information with Keywords to Block. Search results are automatically summarized, then you can pinpoint the facts you need by filtering summary sentences by specific keywords. Context Organizer finds valuable knowledge with its powerful text mining and pattern identification capability. Use the Office Edition to easily collect notes to Microsoft Word. Use the Mindjet MindManager edition to automatically visualize summaries and facilitate brainstorming.

Sales Professionals

As a sales professional you must be knowledgeable about your product, your customers, and your market segment. Putting information in context means action to you - the action of highlighting the value of your products, demonstrating benefits to your customers, and matching products and services to consumers - all leading to sales. It's essential that you counter information overload- you'll have more time to spend talking with customers and prospects.

Context Organizer searches and presents information in context - so you can focus on just information relevant for your products and customers. You'll be able to find more relevant information in less time - which translates into more sales.


As a student your focus is on learning. Have that feeling of too many courses, too many classes, too many books to read, too much research to do, too many papers to write, too many exams to prepare for - and too little time to do it all? Much of your time is spent reading, looking up information, and collecting and organizing relevant information which can be referenced in your writing projects.
Context Organizer streamlines learning by providing on-the-fly summaries of documents and web pages. Perform online research faster - personalize searches with your favorite keywords while screening out irrelevant material with block lists. Quickly collect key extracts that you can reference in your papers. View text as a MindMap with the MindManager edition - for rapid learning through visualization of the key concepts.


As a writer you know that preparation is the key. You need to explore your writing subjects, perform online research, collect interesting facts as you go, and keep elaborating on the topics and themes you wish to develop. You try to break content down into its essentials for rapid understanding - then synthesize what you've found for communication to others.

Context Organizer provides rapid understanding of documents and web pages by immediately reducing lengthy text into essential elements - keywords and key sentences. Context Organizer helps you understand topics you read - you can see key sentences in relationship to the keywords they contain. You'll be able to easily pinpoint, understand, and collect key points that you can immediately put to use in your writing.

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